Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TechniTrader: Retirement Online Elective Course

The TechniTrader online Retirement Course is designed to help those students who are managing their 401K, IRA or other retirement accounts. This elective course is based on the Vertical Rotational Diversification Method created by Martha Stokes C.M.T. which is a totally new approach to long term investing.

The Retirement Course goes into great depth about how to find stocks for long term investing, product and stock cycles, new technologies, a new approach to fundamental analysis that is unique and fits our modern stock market activity.

You will learn how the Vertical Rotational Diversification Method allows you to maximize your long term portfolio capital while always protecting against downturns and bear markets. This concept and method for long term holds gives you more flexibility while simplifying the entire stock select process.

Student who have taken this course are able to not only find stocks but also learn how to choose funds, index funds, and other financial investment instruments to increase their ROI for their long term investments

This course delivers information that is not available to most investors and gives a foundation of long term investing analysis unavailable anywhere.

This Online Course is an 8 week semester course that is offered only 2 times a year. You will be emailed 1 lesson per week for 8 weeks along with 2 emailed tests, 1 during your 4th week and 1 when the course is ending to help show what you have learned.

For more information on this course or other TechniTrader courses...
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Email: info@technitrader.com
Call: 888 846 5577

Monday, August 2, 2010

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